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Wireless Sim USB Modification

I did not want a wire from my radio to my sim usb. There were a few solutions for this but most were bulky and clumsy to use. I got a few parts and put one together myself. Saw the idea a few places, but wanted to write up how I did it.



The Parts:

Receiver 2.4G 8CH D8 Mini FrSky Compatible Receiver With PPM SBUS Output

Simulator 22 in 1 RC Flight Simulator Cable for G7 Phoenix 5.0 XTR VRC FPV Racing

The Mod

We need to prep the receiver for use with the USB dongle. We need to activate the PPM on the receiver by jumping the the PPM pads on the receiver, with a wire or a solder jump. (may be a little different depending on the mini receiver)

Next prep the USB board either take off the wire plug or leave it on and use the connections points. It is easier to remove the connector and it give you more room. Connect the pins as shown. (may be a little different depending on the mini receiver)

Once the connections are made tuck everything in nicely. Before putting the case back on I would bind it to a model and test operation.

Now you can use it. Enjoy.



3Digi Bluetooth Module how to

It is so much easier to tune a Flybarless unit without having to drag a laptop around. Much easier to tune with cell phone or a tablet over bluetooth. Luckily 3Digi made it easy. Here is how I did it.

First get your self a cheap bluetooth module. I got mine from GearBest.com.  It is the  HC-06 module 3Digi recommends. From Gearbest to the USA it is under 9$ with free shipping.

The wiring is pretty easy. Below are all the directions you will need.

3digiSerialport bluetoothback

The connectors:

JST ZH on the 3Digi and any Servo connector or 4 wire connector on the HC-06. Here is the wiring.


After getting it wired up make sure you set up the cell phone or tablet 3Digi Terminal app you can download it at the playstore for Android here.

Link your Bluetooth and the password for the module should be 1234.

You then have to set up the 3Digi to use bluetooth this is covered in the manual on page 50. You will have to do the initial setup with a USB cable. You can find the setup up under the Extras > Special menu. After you have the 3Digi set up you should be ready to connect to you 3Digi via bluetooth.



Here is the Video.

FT Spitfire Wingbox Upgrade

After flying my Flitetest spitfire and my BF-109 (basically the same fuselage), I found my front wingbox getting really weak and started tearing out. So  I repaired it multiple times with hot glue but it kept getting weak.

So I designed a reinforced wingbox that easily mounts in place of the foam wing supports. Built out of 1/8in birch plywood it should be strong without adding to much weight.


It works great and you can still access the power pod. Now there is no reason to cut a whole new fuselage when your wingbox weakens. I have created an easy to follow how to video and the parts are available in the Attitude RC store Now!