Open TX Companion 2.1.xx for X64 Fedora


Since they only release a 32 bit version of the RPM form Fedora, I had to build the x64 bit version from source. Here are the steps I used to build it. You should be able to follow these steps even if you have no build experience. You just need to cut an past these commands into a Fedora terminal.  This is a how to of for OpenTX Companion on Fedora, although it should work for OpenTX Companion on CentOS andOpenTX Companion on Redhat also.

First you need to get everything you will need to build Open TX Companion 2.1 .

As root run:
dnf install git gcc svn qt qt-devel cmake patch xsd gcc-c++ SDL-devel phonon phonon-devel avr-gcc-c++ PyQt4 fox-devel avr-libc xerces-c-devel
Run the following commands as a normal user:
  1. git clone
  2. cd opentx
  3. git checkout master
  4. cd opentx/companion
  5. mkdir lbuild
  6. cd lbuild
  7. cmake ../src
  8. make clean
  9. make

Now become root and run:

make install

You should have Companion 2.1 installed and ready to go.